~Meet Our Staff~        

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Joyce Beaudry, Executive Director


Joyce has been the director of the association since its beginning in June of 1980. She is graduated in early childhood studies. Joyce owned and operated her own preschool from 1975 -1980 in Newport Corner, Hants County. Prior to that, she worked in both the private and public sectors. Joyce has experienced the growth of working from a single office in the old Cobequid Multi-Service Centre to the amazing facility we have today.


Community Action Program for Children Staff:


Beth Baker, Project Coordinator


Beth was first introduced to the association in 1982 as a summer student, while attending Mount St. Vincent University completing her Child Studies Degree. She worked a second summer in 1983; and after graduating, Beth worked on three different projects, as well as coordinating preschool and after-school programs. In January, 1989, Beth joined the organization as a permanent employee and functioned in many capacities, including working as a home visitor for the Family Day Care program. In March of 1994, Beth won an external competition and was offered her current position as a Project Coordinator for the CAPC project. Beth has worked with many children and families over the past 28 years.



Jeff T. Beaudry, Clerk/ Evaluator


Jeff came to the association as an occasional volunteer in the winter of 1998, while attending university part-time. The CAPC project was becoming involved in regional evaluation work at that time; and in September, 1998 the board of directors hired Jeff as a term employee to support this work. He was made a permanent employee in January of 1999. Jeff is the male voice you’ll hear, when you call the centre.


Carolyn Annett, Program Assistant


Carolyn joined the association, as a staff member, in February of 2003. She was hired as coordinator of the provincially-funded Child Care Information and Support Project through an external selection process. Carolyn had worked as an in-home child care provider with the Family Day Care program for 15 years, prior to accepting her position as the CCIS coordinator. In September of 2005, she joined the CAPC staff as Program Assistant. Carolyn also brings several years of experience working in centre-based child care.

Family Support Project Staff:

Sharon Anderson, Project Coordinator


Sharon was first introduced to the centre during the mid 90’s, as a CAPC participant. She loved the place so much, she decided she wanted to work here. In September of 1997, Sharon won an external competition and was hired on the CAPC project. In 2003, she joined the Family Day Care program as a home visitor. In September of 2005, Sharon assumed the role of coordinator for the Child Care Information and Support project, when Carolyn transferred to the CAPC project. In April of 2008, the CCIS project ceased and Sharon was offered the coordinator position for the new Family Support Project. Sharon also brings over ten years prior experience of working in centre-based child care.

Family Home Day Care Staff:


Shelley Mills, Home Consultant


Shelley was introduced to us in 2002, as a practicum student during her early childhood education studies with the, then, St. Joseph’s College. In September of that year, Shelley was hired on a part-time basis, managing the newly-licensed preschool program. In 2003, She joined the Family Day Care program. Shelley works to support the family day care providers both during home visiting and from the office.




~Meet Our Board of Directors~



Executive Members:

Alex Hancox, Chairperson (Community Representative)

Alex joined the board in the fall of 2008. Alex and his wife, Cherry, are active members of the Sackville Legion, as well.


Nancy Pineau, Vice Chair (CAPC Parent Representative)


Nancy joined the board in the fall of 2003. She has been particularly active on the fundraising and evaluation committees and is chair of  the CAPC parent advisory committee. She first came to the centre in January of 1998, with her son and continues to be active at the centre.


Family Home Day Care Representatives:


Denise Bond, (In-Home Child Care Provider)


Denise joined the association in 2004, as an in-home child care provider. She has served on the board since the fall of 2006, and is a member of the FHDC parent advisory committee.



CAPC Representatives:


Roxanne Natte, CAPC Parent Representative


Roxanne started attending programs at the centre with her son in January of 2001. She joined the board the fall of 2007 and is actively involved on the parent advisory and nominations committees. Roxanne and her daughter continue to attend programs at the centre.


Michelle Goodwin, CAPC Parent Representative


Michelle started attending programs at the centre with her children in January of 2004. She joined the board in the fall of 2008, and is actively involved in  the parent advisory committee and other on-site programs.


Brian Johnson , CAPC Parent Representative


Brian has participated in programs at the centre since 2003.  He joined the board in the fall of 2009. Brian has supported fundraising efforts at the centre.

Staff Representatives – (Non-voting Members):


Joyce Beaudry, Executive Director


As executive director, Joyce has served on the board since 1980.



Shelley Mills, FHDC Home Consultant


Shelley has served on the board since the fall of 2007.



Beth Baker, CAPC Project Manager


Beth has served on the board since October of 2010.





The board of directors will celebrate its annual general meeting in September, 2010.

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