Family Home Day Care

What is FHDC?


The Family Day Care Program in Lower Sackville operated under the Nova Scotia Family Day Care Guidelines from 1980 to 2007, when the program came under the Family Home Day Care provincial regulations. As an agency licensed by the Department of Community Services, child care is administered in approved family day care homes. These homes are assessed, approved and monitored by the Family Home Day Care consultants. A home visitor does developmental programming with the children, as well as provide support to the providers. Children, ages 8 weeks to 12 years, are accommodated in the approved family day care homes. Provincial subsidy is available for parents who qualify.


Benefits of the program for children, parents and the providers are outlined in the program's handbook, which is available from the office.


How to Apply for Child Care


For further information about the FHDC program or to apply for child care, please contact the agency at (902) 864-6363. If you're seeking information on subsidy eligibility, please contact the provincial subsidy worker at   

(902) 424-1664.


How to Apply to be a Child Care Provider


Please contact the office at (902) 864-6363 for further information on being an in-home child care provider. Children are placed in homes based on parents' needs (location, ages of children, etc.); therefore, we are always open to recruiting new providers.


In Nova Scotia, a person can care for a maximum of six children under school age (including the provider's children). A maximum of eight school-age children (including the provider's children) can be cared for. Beyond these numbers, the home would require licensing under provincial licensing regulations. Please refer to the Parent/Provider Handbook for further details on the program.