Family Support Project

What is FSP?

The Family Support Project is funded by the Department of Community Services, under the Core Funding Initiative. A goal is to enhance and support the family resource sector.The focus of this core funding is recognizing that children and youth grow and develop within the context of families and communities. Holistic approaches to supporting positive outcomes for children and youth are family focused and involve parents and family members. 


The coordinator works to enhance existing programs and services offered from the centre, as well as implementing and delivering new programs, as identified by the community. Programs enhanced - include evening parent education - coffee chat mornings - clothing support and a swap shop. The coordinator also assists in other parent/child programs.

Child care is provided during adult programming.


Other programs and services offered through the family support project include:

Anti-Violence Programs:

The anti-violence program is outreach work delivered in local elementary schools. Workshops and presentations focus on "what is bullying" and strategies to deal with it/alternate behaviours. This program is offered to children from grades primary to six. Elementary teachers are actively involved in the sessions.


Food Bank:

The coordinator visits the local food bank on a periodic basis meeting with families to share information on programs and services offered from the Memory Lane Family Place.